Monday, November 29, 2010

The Body Slam ...


The feeling is unfelt at any one time, but rather a gathering of emotions and issues beyond ones control. They dodge your subconscious constantly realigning themselves for the perfect shot. One on one you are able to dismiss them with utter disdain but combined as a united force as they sometimes do, becomes a wicked challenge and worthy adversary.

The trick is in identifying the ring leaders and addressing them with the most violent manner thinkable. This kills the others spirits to a large extent. Ooh don't get me wrong, they will always come at you as that is life and its course. The challenge comes in handling what you need to and dismissing those that are not worthy of your attention.

For example, I have of late been under a lot of pressure both work wise, within my immediate family and socially. Now as mentioned earlier one by one is simple to handle but they have all got together and on mass decided to attack. My list of issues grows daily and with expert precision they pester me till I am able to commit the most heinous of actions.

Everything is pilling up and the hill has turned into a mountain and I fully realise that before long I will need to go around it instead of over it. That is not acceptable so my only option is to dig and sort out the issues one by one. The body slam will come but I have prepared and am fully capable of handling them when everything arrives at my front door.

It is my humble opinion that we always have these issues constantly hanging around in our head itching for a brawl but we also have the ability to supress them for a period of time long enough to address the worst ones first and kinda thin the others out.

So this is my current state of mind and soul and within myself the war rages but I am also fully aware that these things will come to an end and in so doing leave me feeling a lot lighter and far more pleasant to get on with that is my current case. Bear with me as I desperately wish to break their hold over me but am duty bound to maneuver this way and that to gain a tactical advantage. I need something solid behind my back to make a stand and that wall will soon enough be here, long enough for me to catch my breath and rally the troops into some semblance of a united army.

The outcome requires nothing more than a smile and a little love to be spread about and a forgetfulness of the past and history shared. Only then will the spirit conquer the mind and the soul shall respond joyously to carry us further...


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