Monday, October 22, 2012

A man shuffling on ...

I thought I would put pen to paper and compose a  ...
Hahahahaha - please do not take this literally just a bit of fun, thats all...
Consider it a bit of country and western ...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Many a time, I have spent wondering about yonder,
I have spent a lifetime wandering there, yet still find a road worth traveling

The sun blazes down, the moon shines bright, ooh I wish I could take flight
on a ship that that floats that way.

Forgive me for the sorrow, forgive me for the pain but I hang my head not in shame, for
it is a journey of discovery, one of time spent dancing with the devil, trading places with the saints.

With a heart full of dreams and a thought a plenty I find myself in the company of travelers.
If I died today along the trail, I would have no regrets and no wishes but that of
a lonesome trip for a soul that traded with the winds.

I could die explaining my ego, I could die explaining my past but truth be told it would be my last. I have traveled across the plains, I rode the trails, heard the call of a panther and grunted against a bear. The sorrows these bought are triumphs alone.

Skeletons abound for the weary traveler, pull in at the inn and chase the dust with a whiskey as the demons bang away at the door. There are none to save you and none to crave you but never fear for they are trapped within your mind and will clear with the rising sun.

Sweet dreams are long time gone as the memories drift into the outback yonder, along with your 'honey suckle' sweetheart. It is morning and the light will shine, you awake to get a feel of the day, sitting along a river and blessing your course for the trail and your direction to ride.

There is a fire out front that demands acceptance for its warmth, there is a wind in your face that becons you on. You tell me what it means and I will show you the truth. There is nothing but a blue sky smiling down at me.

I know the trail must end, for it has been a full life. An adventure strong enough for retelling in script and a warning to those that wish to follow. It comes in a way that could not be imagined, in a way that can not be told, but is as surely just as real.

So bow your head not in prayer when my time has passed but rather bow it in reverance for the time you still need to travel the trail. Pick up your hat, dust off the clothing, and saddle your pony for the trail is calling and the heart will surely grow fonder.

- Hahahahaha yeah right

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