Saturday, February 2, 2013

Getting your 'Mojo' back ....

Here we are, and I discover that much of one's identity falls away when you constantly keep the company of others. We are all aspiring to be recognised and or accepted. We put on a facade and a show that encourages us to be more than we are or more of what the people around us assume or expect us to be.

This is not a bad thing mind you, but it does distract from the 'me' or 'I' that constantly reminds us of what we want to be. It all gets sidelined by most, due to family commitments and or income related activity. You need to earn a salary to survive and keep up with this 'normal' world. It is only normal by the 'current' human understanding of the lifestyle that shows success and indulges the senses in a lavish love affair with material objects.

The only reason I bring this up is that due to recent changes in my lifestyle I have investigated my standing in life and my relationships with parents, partners, friends, colleagues and work related encounters. I have for the better part pressurized myself to conform to the mould that I am expected to originate from. Ooh, you are a man you should... Your dress code for work should be ... the vehicle you drive should have ... To be successful you must do ... Your hairstyle does not conform to societies acceptable standards...

No one seems to realise that they are both victim and perpetrator to this skewed sense of what life should be. Everyone is guilty and please note, I definitely include myself in this as this is what sparked this note to myself. For you see very few people live their lives for their own purpose. What I am getting at here is that people are all subjects of circumstance. They grew up in a certain definable set of standards and circumstances and their focus and visions of the future extend to their concept of the limit. Very few realise that there is no limit. Limit is the same as time, it is a human standard that has been defined by the countless billions before us and no one seems to realise that the reason our ancestors grew so tall or lived so long is because they were not conditioned to do any different.

When your day consisted of hunting and living in a cave, how high on your agenda was what you would be doing next Thursday at 12h00, Ooh, Hang on, what is next week and better still what the hell is Thursday? Did they consider and count years? At most seasons were the norm and day and night obviously. Did it matter that you were 101 years old or 88 years old, nobody knew or particularly cared. I met woman up in Angola that were well over a hundred years old, still swinging a hoe in the fields daily. Sure they were not as agile as the younger folks but you show me a westerner and socialite that can still swing a hoe over her head and into a field to plant seed for the new crop.

We are brainwashed from a early age as to what is acceptable and what is not. But I challenge the system by asking who set the rules in the first place. Consider how successful we all would be in business if we worked at our personally chosen career. One without influence and what I am getting to here is that if you want to be a farmer then that is exactly what you should do. You want to be a sailor then that is exactly what you should do. If you love being creative then go out and find the job that best suits your desire. I was once told at a very young age that writing, photography and sports like golf and soccer what not proper jobs and certainly not a career path. Ernie Els cleared thirty four million rands last year as a golfer. I wonder how Wilbur Smith lives his 'very' comfortable lifestyle. And then as a photographer some are being paid anything up to twenty thousand dollars for a weeks work.

It is such a pity that we have allowed ourselves to fall into the trap of acceptance. Acceptance of an entire social structure that dominates and controls every facet of our lives. They determine the time you get up, what you eat, wear, drive and how many hours you have to work to survive a pitiful lifestyle. We should all be millionaires in our own right and I am not referring to money in the bank I am talking about lifestyle and contentment with respect to our achievements and current status in life.

I am at the stage where I am "Stepping back into myself" with respect to ideals, ambitions and desires. I  aim to break these pathetic avenues society chases us down, and slowly change my existence around to a far more pleasant enjoyable lifestyle.


  1. After a lifetime of conforming to soscieties standards and sacraficing who we really are, how do one get back to being real, back to being "I am who I am"? Good to have the old Squire back who asking thought provoking questions and challenging the way we live.

  2. Anon; thanks for the message - it has been awhile.
    On being 'real' for me means smiling a lot more by seeking out those activities, people or situations in life that make you laugh as much as you want to. We need to look at what we can actually control and master that as best we can, the rest, well let it be. Seriously just let it go. People seem to have forgotten that the bottom line in life is we had no worldly choice in being here. Start each day knowing there is going to be good and bad in that day. always make sure you have more good than bad by adding good all the time - eventually you will only notice the good and the bad will be a pleasure to handle... and that is my honest opinion. Thanks for reading you are on my list of good things that happened to me today and i hope you get to fill yours too...